Call Centers Still Integral to Digital Banking

by Edward O'Brien 0

From the Minneapolis Business Journal:

Wells Fargo is testing a mini-branch model that could catch on with other banks.

San Francisco-based Wells Fargo opened its first “neighborhood store” concept in Washington D.C. Monday.

It’s about a third of the size of a regular branch and features automated teller services, flexible space, and energy-efficient design.

The concept costs less to build, run and staff than traditional branches. Like Target’s CityTargets, the small Wells Fargo branches let the bank get into neighborhoods where the larger branches wouldn’t fit.

That’s all upside for banks that are exploring ways to reduce brick-and-mortar costs as customers move to online, mobile and ATM service options.

Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf called the new concept a “terrific combination” of technology and convenience that will build deepen relationships with customers.
“Even our millennial customers, who are much more skewed towards self-service and mobile devices, still want and need stores. … Look for us to do more,”

Major banks recently have announced several new and novel branch and channels concepts. Much of this is a result of customers’ input about finding ways to meld the best features of branch and self-service experiences. Recent Mercator Advisory Group research has uncovered similar conclusions, and we expect to see further innovation unveiled in the near future.

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