Brave New Coin Partners with Empiricus to Arm Brazilians with Crypto Insights

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Partnership helps top emerging market better evaluate the Bitcoin Boom

Auckland, New Zealand — February 27, 2018 — Brave New Coin (BNC), the leading blockchain and cryptographic assets research company, has today announced a partnership with Empiricus, one of the largest financial publishers in South America. Empiricus will leverage BNC’s comprehensive market data to inform the region’s investors, academics, and crypto enthusiasts on macro and microeconomic movements, and cross-industry trends.

Brave New Coin CEO Fran Strajnar said: “Recent data tells us Brazil is home to twice as many bitcoin investors than stock market investors — and that’s before we even consider other types of coins or crypto assets. As the second largest economy in the Americas and a bustling hub for entrepreneurs, enterprises, and investors, it’s imperative that accurate market data is available to inform decision-making and facilitate financial independence. BNC’s work with Empiricus is a major step towards our goal to provide globally-accessible data that can help anyone, anywhere better understand the crypto market.”

Empiricus is the largest independent investment-related publisher in Brazil, with more than two million daily readers and 180,000 active subscribers, with 38,000 on crypto-related subscription plans. It offers rigorous, data-driven financial analysis and investment recommendations across cryptocurrencies, government securities, private debt, funds, and stock markets. The company’s partnership with Brave New Coin follows a dramatic increase in reader demand for cryptocurrency analysis, in addition to the exponential growth of the global crypto market over the past 12 months.

Empiricus Marketing Director Andre Kiss said: “Many South Americans, especially Brazilians, understand that digital currencies are a feasible means of increasing their income. Empiricus gives everyone from first-time to seasoned investors and skilled financial services professionals access to independent financial analysis, helping them make informed decisions. Brave New Coin’s data has all the hallmarks of an industry-standard, reliable source, and we look forward to leveraging its data in our own analyses to help us give our discerning readers deeper market insights to further democratize the financial market.”

Brave New Coin boasts the world’s most robust cryptocurrency data-engine which taps into every cryptocurrency exchange to track tokens in real-time and produce valuable data for developers, traders, and enterprises.

The partnership follows the launch of Brave New Coin’s General Taxonomy for Cryptographic Assets, the first global classification standard for evaluating and classifying cryptocurrency.

To view Brave New Coin’s Taxonomy framework, visit:

About Brave New Coin:

Founded in 2014, Brave New Coin (BNC) is a leading data and research company focused on the Blockchain and Cryptographic Assets industry. Offering a stable of tools and resources including sector news, data, technical analysis and research, BNC’s mission is to deliver the most accurate, accessible, and comprehensive blockchain data solutions, in ways that anticipate and respond to the needs of an evolving market. For more information, visit

About Empiricus

Founded in 2009, Empiricus is the main investment-related publisher in Brazil. The company currently holds 180,000 paid subscribers, which is its only source of revenue. In addition, Empiricus releases 8 financial-related free Newsletters to more than 2,000,000 readers. It offers rigorous, data-driven financial analysis and investment recommendations across cryptocurrencies, government securities, private debt, funds, and stock markets.

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