Blackhawk Network Grows Digital Content Program to 15,000 Grocery Store Locations

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

Even virtual goods need a grounding in the real world, and Blackhawk Network has recognized thatby expanding the number of locations where it sells gift cards for things like Xbox360, Playstation, and Nexon. As virtual content becomes a bigger part of the average consumer’s entertainment budget, offering the opportunity to give gifts for content that once was sold as a record, book, or game cartridge will become even more important.

Gaming and entertainment prepaid cards have always been popular among our Gift Card Mall customers, therefore it was the perfect next step to expand in additional U.S. locations,’ said Talbott Roche, president at Blackhawk Network. ‘Our growth allows us to serve the needs of this growing market, where consumers are demanding more options in how they purchase digital content online, as well as how they gift and budget for digital entertainment.

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