Better ATM Services Launches ATM-Dispensed Visa Prepaid Cards Nationwide

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

Better ATM Services is moving its ATM-dispensed Visa prepaid card program from a pilot to a nationwide rollout starting today. The two companies initially tested the concept with a limited number of financial institutions in Arizona.

Consumers were able to select fixed card values during the pilot, but now have the ability to designate the value to load on each card they purchase. The cards themselves are made of a durable yet thin material that can easily pass through the cash mechanisms of ATMs.

Todd Nuttall, CEO and Chairman of Better ATM Servives, told PaymentsJournal at the ATM, Debit & Prepaid Forum in Phoenix that introducing this combination of ATMs and prepaid cards. “The No. 1 thing that came out of our pilot was the convenience factor. The ATM is as convenient as Burger King and McDonald’s, which is more convenient than Circle K and 7-Eleven,” he said.

The program is now open to banks that issue Visa-branded prepaid cards.

Click here to read more from Better ATM Services’ press release. Click here to read Nuttall’s interview with PaymentsJournal from earlier this year.

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