Barclays Upgrades Pingit App

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Weve, a joint venture mobile platform for mobile marketing and wallet services created by the United Kindom’s largest mobile network operators (EE, Telefonica UK and Vodafone UK) has chosen The Logic Group, a European based customer interaction specialist to design and implement its mobile loyalty and coupon program.

The collaboration will involve The Logic Group planning and building the essential central database infrastructure needed to assist Weve’s first loyalty program delivered to customers through their mobile wallet scheme later this year. It is expected the results of the pilot will help in directing future development of the loyalty and coupon programs. As part of the plan, The Logic Group will also assist Weve with business development activities and provide expertise in the merchant EPoS environment.

David Sear, CEO of Weve, said in the announcement:

“Part of our vision at Weve is to transform how the consumer can use loyalty on their mobile for their best advantage. That means having access to the cards they want to use at hand when they want to use them and understanding the benefits at that moment that using that particular loyalty programme can deliver. From a business perspective, a better understanding of how loyalty can improve and impact their engagement with their customers, based upon accurate and consistent insight into customer behaviour is imperative.”

Unlike the United States market, the UK mobile loyalty and payment segment is just beginning to gain traction. While the adoption and use of mobile payments may be slower in the UK, recent successes, most notably Barcalys’ Pingit, show the market is speeding up. The three largest mobile network operators’ decision in the UK to provide loyalty and couponing via mobile wallet applications will only further serve to aid the mobile’s development.

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