Bank of America Merrill Lynch Offering Bottomline’s Network Capabilities for Payment and Invoice Processing

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

New Hampshire-based Bottomline Technologies continues to grow its Paymode-X network.

Bof A global banking today announced that its corporate clients will now be able to sign up for specific services, including electronic purchase order submission, invoicing and payment settlement.

According to the Bank,

“New features include enhanced purchase order presentment and matching, more efficient invoice workflow and approval capabilities, along with the ability for buyers and their suppliers to negotiate discounts for prompt payment.”

Paymode-X already supports a network of more than 125,000 suppliers, and adoption by BofA’s client base will add to its value for all users.

This represents a significant addition to BofA’s offerings with respect to supply chain management, enabling substantially more of its customers to “go paperless” for B2B purchasing, invoicing, and payments.

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