Avira Survey Shows 50 Percent of People Are Concerned About Banking Online

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

While the survey method from this IT security vendor looks suspect because of a unscientific sampling technique and the results may be skewed to meet the objectives of the surveyor, the message that consumers are concerned about security is a message that the FI industry cannot forget. Online banking adoption has slowed down to just 6% per year versus nearly 30% at the beginning of the decade and banks need to convince the more conservative customers that online & mobile banking is safe and secure.

Avira recommends consumer do the following:

Always take great care when opening attachments in emails

Do not visit sites which you don’t know or have a bad reputation

Don’t install programs coming from unknown sources

Never, ever give your financial details as a response to any email

Be sure to install an antivirus solution and make sure it is updated regularly

Make sure your computer’s operating system is regularly updated

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