AvidXchange™ Unifies Brands with New Website

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CHARLOTTE, N.C., (December 13, 2016) –AvidXchange™, leadingprovider of accountspayable and payment automation solutions for midsize companies, has acquired three companiesin the last several years: EnergySolve, Piracle, and Strongroom. Over thecourse of the last few years the company has worked diligently to integrateemployees, offerings, and cultures into one great brand that can offer customersmore resources and solutions than ever before. Today, AvidXchange announced thelaunch of a newwebsite that combines all of its web properties into one. This unifiedweb experience is a symbol of how the different brands have come together. Thischange will create one seamless experience for customers, ensure the samesuperior service, and provide a robust array of solutions.

“We’ve been on a journey for the last sixteen years to get towhere we are today, and each of the companies that we’ve acquired has been avery important chapter in the story of our growth,” commented Michael Prager,CEO and Co-Founder of AvidXchange. “Our goal has always been to enhance thegreat companies that we’ve added to the AvidXchange family, which is why we’veinvested heavily in expanding the teams at each location and in development ofexisting solutions that we’ve added to our portfolio. We are looking forward togoing to market in 2017 as one unified brand presence, and delivering what’snext for AP and payment automation for businesses,” added Praeger.

The website will offer the same, uninterrupted access to thesoftware all AvidXchange, Energysolve, Piracle and Strongroom customersutilize. Architected to create a user-friendly, mobile-responsive,best-in-class experience, the new website has features that will benefit all ofAvidXchange’s audiences: jobseekers, partners, customers, and prospective customers.


AvidXchange revolutionizes the waycompanies pay their bills. Serving more than 6,000 clients throughoutNorth America, AvidXchange is an industry leader in automatinginvoice and payment processes for midmarketcompanies spanning multiple industries including Real Estate, FinancialServices, Energy, and Construction. AvidXchange has been recognized asone of the 50 fastest-growing private companies in the Charlotte area for sixconsecutive years, ranked among Deloitte’s Fast 500 this past year, andrecently was named of the top 100 technology companies in North America by RedHerring. In the midst of record growth, AvidXchange has remained true toits most valued competitive advantage—its people. AvidXchange has beenrecognized as one of the Best Places to Work in Charlotte for seven consecutiveyears. For more information, contact us at 800.560.9305 or info@AvidXchange.com.

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