ATMIA Publishes New US Payments Study

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London, UK & South Dakota,USA – ATMIA has today published a new study on current US payments trendsentitled “US Consumer Payments Trends Summary”.

The research was commissionedby ATMIA and conducted by Tremont Capital Group.

“There has been ashift from paper payments to electronic payments over the past two decades, butshifts in US consumer preferences have been far less dramatic and more gradualthan many assumed,” says Sam M. Ditzion, CEO of Tremont Capital Group andauthor of the study. “Cash remains the most frequent form of consumer paymentin in the United States and I suspect will remain so for a long time to come.”

The study, free for members,will boost ATMIA’s Market Intelligence Library and online cash repository.

“One of the myths of thepayments industry is that ‘sexy’ new payments methods are rapidly replacingmore established kinds of payments and forms of money,” explained Mike Lee, CEOof ATMIA. “This excellent study – one of the best I’ve read in recent times –decisively dispels this myth, replacing it with an immutable truth that changesin payments behavior happen over decades, not years.”


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