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An ATMIA update on U.S. state andfederal level issue advocacy

SIOUXFALLS, SD, June 5, 2017. The ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) hasreleased a summary of its recentadvocacy activities,which includes a letter to the new Trumpadministration. Advocacy is a critical dimension of ATMIA’s globalmission. Recent efforts have been exceptionally intensive and span thebreadth of city, state, and federal regulatory regimes.

In its letterto President Trump,ATMIA introduced itself as the global representative of all ATM industryconstituents and identified several specific issues of the highest importanceand in great need of attention. Leading the list was “Operation Choke Point”, a well-intended program thatturned into a train wreck, threatening the existence of some ATM operators andother small businesses across the country. ATMIA met last year with Rep.Blaine Luetkemeyer in support of his Financial Institution CustomerProtection Act of 2016(H.R. 766), which would curtail these illegitimate practices. The measureis now in the process of being re-introduced.

ATMoperators today face a flood of legislative activity at the state level. Nearly 300 legislative alerts have been received so far this year for 28states. Perhaps the most egregious proposal is for an amendment toIllinois H.B. 1274, which would limit the total of surcharge, convenience, andbank out-of-network fees to a total of $1.00 per ATM transaction. OnApril 12 ATMIA sent a letterto Rep. Arthur Turner,the measure’s primary sponsor, explaining the disastrous impact it would haveon consumer access to cash in Illinois.

ACleveland City Council proposal late last year to establish a $2,000 limit onATM vault cash was followed by a similar proposal in the Ohio state legislaturethis past March. Both measures were aimed at reducing the number of ATMthefts. Letters from ATMIA to CouncilmanAnthony Brancatelliand OhioRep. Tom Pattonexplained that the proposed actions would have little impact on crime, butsignificantly increase ATM operators’ costs – putting the viability of mostretail ATMs (and convenient consumer access to cash) at risk. Bothmeasures now seem to have stalled after stiff opposition.

All ATMIAmembers can sign up for these Legislative Alerts, which track any proposedlegislation that might impact ATM owners/operators/acquirers. They alsohave free access to ATM Compliance Profiles for all 50 states, the District ofColumbia, and Puerto Rico. Compliance Profiles are updated annually andrepresent current law with regard to ATM compliance.

The completeupdate on ATMA advocacy effortscan be downloaded from the ATMIA website. For more information regardingspecific industry issues, contact ATMIA US Executive Director, DavidTente.


ATMIAis the leading non-profit trade association representing the entire global ATMindustry. ATMIA serves more than 9,400 members from over 650 participatingcompanies in 66 countries spanning the whole ATM ecosphere, including financialinstitutions, independent ATM deployers, equipment manufacturers, processorsand a plethora of ATM service and value-added solution providers. ATMIAprovides education, advocacy and connections to help itsmembers keep abreast of industry news and developments; increase knowledge andprofessionalism; improve operational efficiencies; understand and influenceregulatory processes; participate in the local, regional and global ATMcommunity; and forge new relationships to advance their businesses. Founded in1997, ATMIA has active chapters in the United States, Canada, Europe, LatinAmerica, Asia-Pacific, Asia, Africa, India and the Middle East focusing on theunique needs and issues of each region. For more information, please visit Follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter or YouTube.

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