American Express Launches “Link, Like, Love” Deal Offers and Coupons on Facebook

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Today, American Express announced its release of the “Link, Like, Love” program on Facebook. Interested cardmembers can join the program on the company’s Facebook page. Joining makes cardmembers eligible for credits on their American Express statements without being required to pre-purchase deals (like with Groupon or Livingsocial) or to print out and show coupons at the point of sale. Furthermore, in the next few months, American Express will begin to use the program to provide “Membership Rewards® points offers, entertainment access, exclusive content and special events.”

This program is coupled with American Express’s “Go Social” program for small merchants, which enables them to compete with larger merchants by distributing these offers as well. Merchants who utilize the “Go Social” program can receive the deal redemption and customer loyalty data compiled by American Express, which can be leveraged to improve digital marketing and loyalty programs.

For the cardmember, the program works by setting up a “personalized dashboard” to deliver deals, content, and experience based on:

-The cardmember’s Facebook “likes” and “interests”
-The cardmember’s Friends’ Facebook “likes” and “interests”
-The cardmember’s “check-ins” on Facebook Places

Cardmembers then select the deals they want and use the card as normal. American Express, in turn, applies the discounts after the transaction without requiring the use of coupons or printouts.

“As we continue to transform our business in the digital space, we’re focused on three key areas: value, relevance and user experience, for both cardmembers and merchants. Because of our unique business model – our closed loop – we’re able to deliver on all three in a way that is unprecedented,” said Ed Gilligan, Vice Chairman, American Express. “We’re thrilled to bring together the power of the Facebook platform and our core business assets in a way that is personalized, meaningful, and will result in significant value for both merchants and cardmembers.”

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