Amazon Go Planning East Coast Store

by Raymond Pucci 0


With almost a year’s experience of being open to the public, Amazon Go is said to be ready for the city that never sleeps. As the following GeekWire story reports, the Seattle merchant is looking to New York for another Amazon Go mobile self-checkout store.

“Amazon Go is headed to the Big Apple. An Amazon spokesperson said the company plans to open a store in New York City, but did not give details about location or timing. The announcement comes just hours after Amazon listed several jobs, first spotted by The Information, for store managerassistant store manager and training lead associate, all based in New York.

Amazon spent years developing the checkout-less technology behind the store, and another year testing it with Amazon employees before the original store opened in January in the base of Amazon’s Day One officer tower. But since then, Amazon has embarked on an expansion of the concept.

New York represents the third market outside of Seattle where Amazon plans to open Amazon Go stores. In May, the company confirmed plans to open stores in San Francisco and Chicago. 

The store relies heavily on the Amazon Go smartphone app. Customers scan a unique QR code within the app before passing through a set of glass doors, similar to the gates Amazon employees go through when entering their office buildings every morning. A vast array of overhead cameras and weight sensors in the shelves automatically track what people pick up and take from the store.”

System development and testing of the Amazon Go mobile self-checkout concept took years and mega dollars, but now the stores are starting to ramp up fairly quickly beyond the original Seattle location. This represents a significant development in proximity mobile payment systems. C-stores and other smaller footprint merchants represent a sweet spot for this technology. Maybe even smaller sections of Amazon-owned Whole Foods could become an Amazon Go zone. Shoppers want convenience and immediacy and this is simply another indication that mobile self-checkout is here to stay. Right now, it’s limited to merchants with deep pockets that can handle the big IT investment.

Overview by Raymond Pucci, Director, Merchant Merchant Services at Mercator Advisory Group

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