ADP Launches New ALINE Pay Payroll Solution

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

A new innovative electronic payroll solution was launched by ADP yesterday. ADP, one of the industry leaders in payroll services among other human resource directives, announced that their new ALINE Pay card will significantly aid employers in reducing administration time and risk to financial and compliance exposure.

In addition, the ALINE Pay electronic solution is designed to provide both employees and employers with flexibility in choosing their preferred method of payment from ADP Full Service Direct Deposit to ALINE Check by ADP. One of the key features of the new ALINE Pay solution is the ALINE Card by ADP, which offers comprehensive security features designed to limit costs and fraud losses. Beyond the traditional options that payroll cards have provided in the past, employees with the ALINE Card by ADP will be able to load additional funds onto the card at thousands of retail locations nationwide, receive electronic payments (such as government benefits or tax refunds), transfer funds from the card to a U.S. bank account, and continue to use the card when they change jobs.

“ADP is a leader in electronic wage payment solutions, and businesses can be confident in selecting ALINE Pay by ADP as their single solution for achieving a 100 percent electronic payment strategy,” said Gary Lott, ADP General Manager and Division Vice President, ADP Unemployment, Payments and Garnishment Services. “We listened to the needs of our clients and their concerns about having a compliant solution for their employees. ALINE Pay is ADP’s response, and we’re proud to offer this innovative payroll disbursement solution for employers and their employees nationwide.”

The new range of ADP products under the ALINE banner marks a significant step in maximizing efficiency in payroll distribution. The new line of products follows the 2009 Payroll Performance Study conducted by The Hackett Group for the American Payroll Association which found that companies using electronic payment methods saved around 50 percent on payroll over companies that did not use electronic systems. With the continuing lackluster performance of the economy, companies will search for any new payment method that will provide payroll relief. With large discounts in electronic payroll options, expect more firms to shift for solutions like the new ALINE products by ADP.

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