A Thousand Words is Worth the Big Picture

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

MasterCard recently launched the “Connectors Project” at the World Economic Forum in Mexico. This project is designed to connect economic opportunities, resources, people, and inspiration to those who want to advance themselves and their families’ economic status in developing nations.

“With the advent of mobile and new payment technologies, we are facing an age of greater access and opportunity for individuals in the developing world. But there are still hurdles to financial inclusion,” said Ted Iacobuzio, Vice President, Global Insights, MasterCard. “The Connectors Project brings this situation to life, showcasing real people and real stories of change.”

The press release also states that there are five archetypes that play a unique yet vital role: Mentor, Introducer, Migrator, Role Model, and Business Influencer. Of those five archetypes the MasterCard research found that Migrator and Business Influencers have the highest capacity for impact. The press release also states that,

“Through the Connectors Project, MasterCard also identified ways that public and private groups can put these findings to work to drive further inclusion.”

As the project rolls out it will be interesting to see the community that develops within the Connectors Project and how they interact and use the information that is distributed on the platform.

Overview by Ryan McEndarfer, PaymentsJournal Product Manager at Mercator Advisory Group

Visit the Connectors Project site

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