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Fraud, Risk and Analytics

Fraudsters will do anything to steal credit or debit card account information—including low tech dumpster diving to sophisticated hacking. The cost to your bottom line is significant and never-ending unless you have an effective strategy in place to stop payment fraud.
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Looking for one location that has information about Faster payments, PIN Networks, Dual Message Debit, P2P transactions and more? Then look no further than the Debit Strategy Room. Giving you all your debit related news, research and debit related commentary in one convenient location.

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We're already seeing change in the space this year with TSYS acquisition of NetSpend. Expect the regulatory environment to pick. Smartphones and social media will have an affect on consumer behavior. 


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From alternative lending and instant prescreen technology to credit card issuers and transactional credit PaymentsJournal’s Credit Strategy Room has you covered with the latest credit information available. 

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Mobile Payments

Mobile devices continue to re-shape the U.S. communications marketplace, and with it the delivery of consumer financial services and retail marketing strategies. The pace of change is rapid, demanding that both financial service providers and retailers...

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Banking Channels

In this research, Omnichannel Banking and Branch Reconfiguration: Strategies for “Lean Branching,” Mercator Advisory Group reviews how branches remain relevant and an important element in lean banking initiatives being considered in today’s banks and credit unions.

Mercator Advisory...
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Merchant Acquiring

 The continuing shift to e-commerce by consumers around the world has placed a premium for retailers on developing a robust e-commerce presence. An important aspect of doing this is to ensure that consumers are able to use whichever payment methods they prefer when transacting online. Payment...

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Despite the frequent ill-boding predictions on the future of consumer cash use consumers around the world still turn to one of the oldest forms of consumer payment on a regular basis.
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Compliance and Regulation

The Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act of 2009 was the first of two major pieces of legislation that started the payments industry down the road of increased regulation. The Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, which included the Durbin Amendment,...
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