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  • Payroll Cards in the United States: A Balancing Act for Providers The report titled Payroll Cards in the United States: A Balancing Act for Providers provides an analysis of the payroll card market that includes its size, descriptions of industry players, and discussions of the stakeholders.Mercator Advisory Group’s forecast report identifies demographics of payroll card users, and explores how they are not as homogenous as they might seem. Users include both the cardholders and the employers. The report includes the results of interviews with payroll card buyers to show what they look for when considering a payroll card program.This report reviews providers who have carved out specific niches for themselves in the payroll market. While it does not include an exhaustive list of providers, it looks at players who have found market opportunities to show the ways in which providers can find their own way in the market and customers can find programs that fit their needs. Get the full report here
  • Tax Refunds and Prepaid Cards Mercator Advisory Group’s research note, Tax Refunds and Prepaid Cards: Any Room Left in the Market?, examines the opportunity for prepaid card program managers to win significant deposits on their cards by offering direct deposit to U.S. tax filers but also shows that the market is a crowded one. “Program managers could win significant deposits at tax time, but they will need to provide a strongly executed offering that provides measurable value to tax filers,” said Ben Jackson, Director of Mercator Advisory Group’s Prepaid Advisory Service and one of the authors of the note.
  • The Six Million Dollar Customer Recent economic pressures have shrunk the American middle class, and put pressure on the customer base of most financial services providers. Technology provides an opportunity for companies to build profitable customers by helping individuals set goals, manage their money, and build wealth, according to Mercator Advisory Group’s research report, The Six Million Dollar Customer: Using Technology to Build a Profitable Customer Base.
  • Prepaid Cards and Issuers in the Green Dot Portfolio “Green Dot has made a strategic move that diversifies its prepaid portfolio with its purchases of AccountNow and AchieveCard,” said Ben Jackson, Director of Mercator Advisory Group’s Prepaid Advisory Service.
  • Mercator Advisory Group's Closed-Loop Prepaid Card Taxonomy Mercator Advisory Group broke down the closed-loop prepaid card space into 11 categories and 27 market segments. For more information about this particular report, please visit Mercator Advisory Group's Prepaid Advisory Service here.
  • Life and Its Impact on Maintaining Portfolio Stability of Fixed Size With an average card life of 90 days, maintaining a stable card base of 50,000 cards required the addition of 22,200 new cards a month. When the card base is 100,000, a stable card base required recruiting 44,400 new cardholders a month, and at an initial base of 200,000 the requirement to achieve stability went to 88,900 new cardholders every month. For more information about this particular report, visit Mercator Advisory Group here.
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