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  • Mobile Cash Access 2017: Engaging Customers by Linking Digital Banking to Cash
  • Characteristics of Consumers Who Use Cash for the Most Use Cases This graphic highlights the characteristics of female cash users between the ages of 35 and 64. For more information about this particular report, visit Mercator Advisory Group here.
  • Consumers Use Cash for Different Purposes Depending on Their Age and Income Fleshing out the characteristics of cash users, Mercator Advisory Group looks more closely at the key dynamics that drive consumers to choose cash in total and by age category. For more information on this particular graphic, visit Mercator Advisory Group here.
  • Influences in Consumer Cash Use To consumers across a number of age and income demographics in the U.S., cash remains the most convenient payment type for small transactions. For more information about this slide from a Cardtronics whitepaper, contact the company here.
  • What value-added ATM service will enjoy the fastest growth in the next five years? The ATMIA's 2013 Innovation Survey Report involved the participation of sophisticated, senior level audience with significant payments experience. For more information about this report, visit the ATMIA here.
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