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How Big is the U.S. Gift Card Market?

Mercator Advisory Group is once again working to determine the size and shape of the U.S. Gift Card market. We are surveying gift card issuers about loads, distribution channels and form factors.
1. Every survey respondent will be invited to attend a Webinar to review the survey results, ask questions about them, and discuss the trends.

2. The information provided by the aggregated survey results will give you a picture of the market opportunity for prepaid cards that you can use in business planning and presentations to clients and upper management. They also provide third-party validation from an expert source about the market.

3. The aggregated survey results will provide you with an opportunity to gauge where you stand relative to the market as a whole.

4. The aggregated survey results will provide information to investors, regulators, the media, and consumers that will help them understand the value of the industry as a whole.

Below is the link to the secure, online survey:


We plan to host the results webinar for respondents who contribute data in early March. To do this, all data must be gathered by February 28.

In order to protect the data, Mercator is working with a third-party survey company, Survey Gizmo, to host the survey. The following security measures are in place.

HTTPS means there is a secure socket layer protecting the data. This means you can trust that the site is not being spoofed by someone else, and that the web server it is communicating with is both legitimate and secured with encryption.

Survey Gizmo, the site provider, has the following additional security measures in place:

1. PCI Compliance: This is a security framework for the protection of handling payment card information, but it also means that the company must build and maintain a secure network, have a process to control access and vulnerabilities, and regularly monitor and test its networks.
2. Advanced Encryption Standard – this is the encryption standard established by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology and has been in use since 2001. It has been cleared for use of secret and top secret information.

3. Reviewed by Applied Trust (3rd Party), scanned by McAfee and HackerSafe for viruses and rootkits to prevent outside hackers from accessing the database.

4. Servers managed by Via West in Denver in secure facility. This prevents anyone from getting in and stealing the data by downloading it to external storage device like a thumb drive. While hacking is usually done remotely, it is still necessary to physically secure the servers.

Mercator Advisory Group only reports aggregate numbers. Individual company numbers are never revealed, and survey results are never reported in such a way than anyone could reverse engineer anyone’s numbers. We also do no rankings based on the results that are returned. 

By Ben Jackson, Director, Prepaid Advisory Service at Mercator Advisory Group  

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