12 Key Definitions in Advanced Analytics

by Edward O'Brien 0

Advanced analytics programs are moving the meter on how banks attract and retain customers, prevent fraud, and generate new revenue streams.

As a result, adoption of third-party analytic services continues to increase. If you are grappling with how advanced analytics techniques can significantly impact your bank’s business, knowing the lingo—and understanding why those concepts matter to your bank—is vital.

Reviewing the following quick list of key terms—along with the explanations of their significance—will help you understand what’s being discussed.

Banking leaders have become increasingly aware of the value that analytics solutions can bring to various aspects of their businesses. In addition to being a powerful tool for credit decisioning and identifying potential fraud events, analytics can be an effective tool to better understand their customers’ and members’ banking needs. This is why it is so important for banking personnel to better understand the various types of analytics capabilities available to them, and particularly the many benefits available from customer and predictive analytics solutions.

Overview by Ed O’Brien, Director, Banking Channels at Mercator Advisory Group

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