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Those Things Are Dangerous

I’m in Orlando, Florida, but there’s no smuggler or seedy nightclub in sight.No, the danger the man is talking about takes the form of a little band...

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Bailey Reutzel,
Money Tripping

This CEO Wants Everyone to Be Paid Like Uber...

After making a lot of noise in 2015, the term ‘gig economy’ is set to bring even bigger change to the working world throughout the upcoming year. The...

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Brent Warrington,

Money Magazine Tells Millennials to Get Off the...

 A recent article in Money magazine describes the use of general purpose, reloadable prepaid card by millennials as a “head scratcher of a...

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Ben Jackson,
Mercator Advisory Group

Host Card Emulation: What to Expect in 2016

In response to the rapid evolution of host card emulation (HCE), we have revised our HCE: NFC’s Missing Link eBook to include an exploration of the...

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Andre Stoorvogel,
Bell ID

Wearable Computing: Understanding the Next Wave...

A great deal of attention has been paid to the Apple Watch and its ability to easily “tap and pay” to make purchases in stores. But it’s important to...

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Should the United States Post Office be in the banking business?