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The Importance of Diligent Authentication and...

The emergence of new payment methods and the rise of ecommerce has driven an increase of fraud in the card not present (CNP) arena, especially as EMV...

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Matthew Katz,
Verifi Inc

Blockchain Technology Will Change Banking…Slowly

Blockchain technology is quickly emerging as a way for companies to make and verify transactions almost instantaneously — without a central...

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Todd Harris,
Tech CU

Banking Channels Innovations Can Offset the...

With long term interest rates declining without a corresponding reduction in short term rates, a flattening of the yield curve is occurring....

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Ed OBrien,
Mercator Advisory Group

Thought Leadership – Why Millennials Would...

Much has been written about marketing to and attracting millennials. This is especially relevant to credit unions. The average age of credit union...

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Lou Grilli,

The Power and Risk of Mobile

Mobile is fast becoming the preferred method for individuals to access critical online services. This increasingly means that sensitive personal...

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Should the United States Post Office be in the banking business?